2016- Beneath the surface - Research Exhibition Archive as a place to play  -  Eye Filmmuseum 


The film from archival source A Holiday in Port Elizabeth contains scenes of a beach with long observational shots with people bathing, swimming and having a lovely time. These wide angle shots full of happiness are meant to establish a general atmosphere and feeling or"sense of feeling" for the place. It fascinated me that so many hidden storylines are alive beneath the surface of this wide angle view of the beach. These almost objective shots deny the little, nuanced or detailed storylines of a single more pointed moment. What is beneath the aesthetics of this surface? And what lies behind the large wide angles of the observational shots? 



2014- Directors cut of the project ‘Love and Engineering’.
An interactive online video made by four different young directors. VPRO dorst with support of The Mediafonds. 
Watch the interactive version here: 

Nominated European Film Award Online Video 
2013- “Parre” Short film
Produced by Columnfilm and Film by the Sea



Nominated VERS Award Young film and television makers 
2012- “Continuüm” graduation film of the art academy AKV|ST Joost Breda.
The film is focussed around the theme of daily family rituals which is exposed through acting and architecture of the location. More specifically, architecture is used on a metaphorical level which interrogate the medium of film. The events take place in a house that is shown on two different ways: in all its filmic realism and also as a consciously staged setting through decor. It raises questions about how human beings will stage their own lives, and whether this staging is informed by reality. Or is it nothing more than an illusion we choose for ourselves? 
Archived in Eye Filmmuseum
Won Breda Art Award
Nominated VERS Award Young film and television makers

Nominated St.Joost Penning